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Artwork of Carly Drew

Hunting + Contemporary Photography

Carly Drew

I promise this will be my last post on hunting for a while, but it's the only topic I've had time to research in depth so far this semester .  When looking at contemporary work on the subject of hunting there are a plethora of photographers that approach the subject, but surprisingly few painters, drawers or printmakers that take it up.  Albeit in a more documentary spirit, the fact that photographers are interested made me wonder about their approach to the work.  After digging around a bit the two that struck me as most similar to my work conceptually are Brian Lesteberg and Erika Larsen, below is a little information about each and links to their websites if you are interested in learning a bit more about them.

Brian Lesteberg chooses to document hunting around where he grew up in rural North Dakota, the images are both quiet and intense at the same time and deal with more than the momentary action of the kill, emphasizing preparation, anticipation and conclusion in an introspective manner.

Erika Larsen traveled the United States for two projects about hunting, Young Blood and The Hunt.  In Young Blood she focuses on the next generation of hunters and coming of age as a functioning part of their environment, while revealing a tradition as it carries on.  In The Hunt focuses on the primal nature of the act and, much like Lesteberg, the pervading sense of calmness and introspection that accompanies it.