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Reaction/Action MFA Exhibition

Carly Drew

Granted I haven't been showing quite as much as I used to, but grad school can kinda knock the wind out of you like that. Anyways here is the show card for the opening of Reaction/Action show that includes the work of the ten current Masters of Fine Arts candidates at Clemson University's Lee Gallery. The show has paintings from Sarah Butler, Alyssa Reiser, David Armistead and myself; photography by Aubree Ross and Ann Pegelow-Kaplan; prints by Matt Brantley, Katy Butler and David Gerhard; and sculpture by Jason Adams. The opening is taking place this Friday starting at 6pm and I'm not gonna lie, the show was up in its full glory this morning and looks absolutely amazing!  If you can't making the opening reception it will be up through April 14th, this is definitely one you don't want to miss.