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Blog about the studio, life and travels of visual artist Carly Drew.

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Puerto Rico Part III: Culebra & Flamenco Beach

Carly Drew


Our favorite part of the trip was the charter we took out to Culebra Island. Once there we went snorkeling on the reefs and spent the day on Flamenco Beach. Although we lost the photos from the snorkeling part of the trip and forgot a GoPro at the hotel, we did manage to get a few photos good with the iPhone. Unfortunatley taking the phone on the swim to shore didn't seem like a great idea, even in a "waterproof" bag, so I wasn't able to get any pictures of how beautiful the beach was up close. Sometimes things happen for a reason though and Flamenco Beach is one of those places that needs to be expereienced without distractions. Paradise is often described as a place "where only peace, prosperity, and happiness survive" and "a place of contentment, but not necessarily a land of luxury." If there was every truly a place that fits those definitions of "paradise," I had not found it until we arrived on Flamenco Beach. You can float for hours in the gentle ocean waves and permanently lose track of time. The world does not exist when you are in this place, it is so magnetic, simple, laid back and easy. I found a piece of my soul in Culebra, it's in my blood now and will pull me back soon.