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Blog about the studio, life and travels of visual artist Carly Drew.

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Clarity in the Cold

Carly Drew


Once the haze of summer has finally let go and the first fire has been lit, the cooler weather sweeping in always brings with it a mysterious sense of clarity. I wrote about it a few years ago and it still holds true. I don’t think I’ll ever know exactly what brings me to such a focused state at this time of year, maybe its the crystalline atmosphere and shifting light that puts everything into a different perspective. Whatever it is, there’s a bit of magic in that cool breeze and a little more drama that sets fire to the imagination, begging to be reckoned with. The incoming flood of inspiration usually coincides with the calm before the storm of next year’s shows and the less than fun aspects of studio work like taxes and planning kick in. Having a few precious months void of paperwork and devoted to making always comes around when I need it the most. The studio turns back into a place of inspiration and exploration, where I can enjoy the process, take risks and respond to intuition. It’s a time to play with new ideas, figure things out and get back into a rhythm that doesn’t have to respond to the world around it for a little while.

Do you have a time of year where you are more inspired than others? Comment below with the time of year and why you think that is, cause I’d love to hear what times of year other creatives feel like they are the most productive!

Fall in the Southland

Carly Drew


In the south its officially fall when the muscadine vines start to yellow, misty rain that sticks around all day kicks in and the mornings smell like burnt leaves. There's always been something refreshing about the seasons changing that feels more renewing that the New Year itself. Its like the quick cold snaps and never ending rainy days are the signal to get cozy. To pick back up on projects that got pushed aside during the summer, when the weather was too nice to even think about being inside. This is my most productive time of year. Days are spent hunkered down in the studio, drinking more hot tea than necessary and punctuated by a few long walks with the dogs to let the crisp breeze kick my focus back in...that has to be my favorite thing about fall. For me its never been about the sickly sweetness of pumpkin spice everything or the excuse to wear plaid (not that one is ever needed), instead its the weather giving you an urgency to do do anything. Summer is long and lazy, but fall gradually whispers that its time. Time to get busy again because you are inspired. Time to wander off on tangents and trust the process. Time to indulge the little sparks of creativity and sudden clarity that flicker in with the smoky sweet smell of the season. Every year when the first hints of yellow take hold I rest easy in the thought that soon my mind will begin to reel with the possibilities of the coming months and oddly enough find peace in the excitement of new projects on the horizon.