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I will be accepting a very limited number of landscape or hunting commissions for Fall 2019.  If you have ever been interested in becoming a collector of my work or having one of my original drawings in your home, this is a great opportunity to own a custom drawing of any place that is important to you. I want this to be a piece of fine art that you can cherish and value for generations to come.  


The pieces commissioned by collectors are truly unique, with the guarantee that another piece will not be made into reproductions or offered as any form of print. As the buyer, you have exclusive rights to display the artwork in your home and I relinquish my right to reproduce the work for profit. The only rights I retain will be the option to share the work on social media and in promotional material.


Drawings are available in several medias including: watercolor, wax pencil, charcoal or graphite. Each drawing will be done with professional materials on 140-300 lb. Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper that is archival cotton rag that insures the longevity of your finished piece. If you would like a larger piece of artwork (over 29.5 x 41”) I will be more than happy to discuss options for paper mounted to panel or custom framing options for large paper pieces. 


Custom framing is included in the estimate for each commission. I build all frames by hand in my shop to ensure that each piece has a level of protection that will stand the test of time. Different wood and stain options are available and will be part of the decision making process for your commission.


Estimates for commissions and production time are free and I will be more than happy to work with you to create something that will work within your budget. Since each project is unique, when you inquire about a commission I will send out a questionnaire to get a better idea of the scale, complexity and time required for the project at hand. From there I will develop an estimate based on the materials and time required for the project.


Delivery costs will also be included in the final estimate. If you are within 100 miles delivery by hand is available at the cost of gas & labor. If you are out of range I will provide the cost of shipping in the estimate above.


  1. Inquire: Fill out contact form below to get the ball rolling!

  2. Questionnaire: Fill out provided questionnaire about the type of image, size, media, framing, shipping/delivery and any other relevant details.

  3. Estimate: A free estimate will then be drawn up that documents the following: cost of materials, labor, framing & shipping/delivery of finished work.

  4. Contract: After you have approved the estimate and are ready to begin the commission I will send a contract prior to the start of any work that outlines: the project information, due dates for preliminary work, completion of the project, payments, delivery of finished work, etc. As a professional artist this is an important step that helps provide clear communication between both parties by outlining the expectations, deadlines and financial aspects of the project.

  5. Initial Deposit: Prior to the start of any work, a deposit of a third of the total estimate is required to cover the cost of materials and preliminary work done in case of non-payment on the finished commission occurs.

  6. Preliminary Studies: Upon receipt of first payment you will have the option of three preliminary sketches to choose from and the option to do one more round of revisions on the chosen study.

  7. Second Payment: Upon approval of the study a second payment is due to begin work on the final drawing.

  8. Work Commences: While working on the final drawing you will have the option to review the work at three stages: pencil demarcations, the halfway point and the final piece. At any point you may choose to make minor changes without impacting the final cost of the project. Any major changes at this point in the design will require additional charges for time.

  9. Framing: After you have approved the final piece your work will framed as outlined in the contract. You will then have another opportunity to review the work prior to shipping.

  10. Final Payment: After the approval of the finished piece the third payment is due prior to shipping of the work.

  11. Shipping: One the final payment is received your work will be on its way! You will be able to track the shipment via the number provided.

  12. Unpack, Review & Hanging Your Commission: Once you have received your package please be careful when opening the box and packaging materials. At this point please review the frame, plexiglass and piece for any damage incurred by shipping. You will find a certificate of origin, care and hanging directions packaged with the work. Now you can hang your finished commission and enjoy an original work of art!

If you are interested in this process I would love to talk with you about making your idea into a reality. Please fill out the contact form below so we can get to work!


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